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The American Miniature Schnauzer Club only recognizes 3 colours of Miniature Schnauzers
(Salt/Pepper, Black/Silver, and Black)  BUT  the Miniature Schnauzer comes in many different
Black/Silver Parti.
These colours have been in the Schnauzer breed all along, but standard breeders have tried
to breed the rare colours out and are unwilling to accept them or any change in the breed
including smaller sizes like the Toy and Teacup.

All American Kennel Club puppies are eligible for registration, but can not be shown in AKC
sponsored  shows unless they are of the three recognized colours.  Whites (along with the
standard colours)  can be shown in International competitions with or without cropped ears
and tails although some countries are making it illegal to show Miniature Schnauzers with
cropped ears and tails.  In order to show the special colours they have to be shown with
America's Pet Registry.

I would like to show you an example of all of the colours. Any colour other than the three
standard must be proven to acquire registration from The American Kennel Club. You must
provide two close up photos of the dog, front and side view.  Applications should be remitted

American Kennel Club
Breeder Relations
8051 Arco Coop Dr.
Raleigh, NC  27617

They can also be submitted via email to colors@akc.org  One thing to remember is that Parti
Colour is not actually a colour, but a pattern. The code 038 should go in the markings box.
And yes I know that it says no markings for this breed, but it does exit.
Salt/Pepper  has many variations.  It can be light to almost silver to dark resembling
Black/Silver.  Salt/Pepper will always have banded hairs that resembles of course salt &
These examples are the variations of Salt/Pepper.
Black can also vary to some degree as it can be a smokey or shiney black to a
black parti.
Although Black/Silver is a standard colour it can be very unique and beautiful in it's
different forms. There is the typical Black/Silver, The Black/Silver Phantom (Lighter
markings) and then the Black/Silver Parti Colour.
( Chocolate )
There are quite a few variations of the Liver. Each one beautiful and unique
as they combine a lot of the other colours so they need a little more
explanation thus colour names below each picture.
Liver Pepper  
Liver Pepper Parti
498  038
Liver Parti
123  038
White Liver Points
199  123
Liver/Tan Parti
124  038
The White Chocolate is not in this group because white is only a mask for
the colour that lies beneath. If the nose and pads are brown then the dog
is not white but chocolate masked by white.